Monday, January 30, 2017

January Recap!

It has been an extremely busy 2017, and to be honest, I'm not even quite sure what we've been so busy with... just all things life, I guess! Here's a quick peek at all that we've been up to this month.


John got a Big Green Egg for Christmas, and he has been a meat smoking and grilling machine ever since - steaks, chicken, burgers, turkey, pulled pork... and brisket! He kicked off the year smoking a 13lb brisket, and it was quite tasty. He started it at 10:30PM, slept on the couch and smoked it all night, and then it was finally ready to eat around noon the next day - a delicious labor of love!

Our little cracker Jack is growing like a weed, and if I'm not careful, he grows out of all of his cute clothes before he gets a chance to wear them. Because of this, I had to make sure that he got in a few good wears of his dinosaur Purl Lamb sweatshirt before outgrowing it... thanks auntie Kristine! His little neck and chubby cheeks in that hoodie just kill me!

John went wild quail hunting with Scout and Lily, and they had such a great time... the weather was perfect (a bit chilly) and the terrain wasn't too thick for them to navigate. They didn't get any birds this time, but the dogs sure had a good time running around and looking for them.

This boy and his socks... I am convinced that he is so much happier wearing them! Who needs pants when you can wear knee-high socks?!

John started the year in Miami at the Orange Bowl. It was a perfect bowl game for him to go to because he went to Florida State for undergrad and Michigan for law school... and it just so happened that the two teams were playing each other - so it was a must go! He met my family down there for the game while I stayed home with Jack; the thought of traveling for only a football game just seemed a bit too much with a 2 month old!

When in Miami for the bowl game, John made a pitstop at the beach, which made my ocean lovin' heart very jealous!

It's not often that our kitty and dogs coexist peacefully, so I had to capture the moment. :)

I have been going on lots of walks with mommy friends and their babies! Jack absolutely loves baby Blake, and since they are only a week apart, it is fun to have mommy-talk about all things baby and milestones.

John and I had our second date night this month for a work event at his firm. We left Jack with our sweet friends from our church life group. They have a baby that is 5 weeks younger than Jack, so it was nice leaving him with someone who wouldn't be scared off by a little baby chaos!

Once a week we send Lily and Scout to a puppy day camp to play and run out all of their extra energy, and John sent me this photo of them on their drive there... team work!

Jack and I decided to visit John at work to try and sneak in a quick lunch date with him. It was Jack's first time to John's office, and it was fun to show him off to all of his coworkers.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful... I'm talking mid-70s! Not much for "winter" weather, but it definitely makes for beautiful weekend walks. The dogs love it, Jack loves it, and we enjoy getting out too!

For my 29th birthday John and I got a sitter for Jack and headed out for dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. Let me tell you, I will never again take for granted an uninterrupted meal... it was SO nice to have a dinner just the two of us and catch up without having to run around trying to put Jack to bed for the night!

The food was delicious, and I ate far too much... it was so good, in fact, that I am in the process of convincing John that he needs to come here for his birthday too!

And let's be real, the dessert was delicious too!

John was so sweet and declared the whole week of my birthday my "birthday week"... so we did all sorts of fun things including some shopping and lunch at Bird Bakery. They have the best egg salad sandwich (my favorite!) and incredibly dense and delicious cup cakes!

John and Jack have started reading before bedtime and it is probably the cutest thing ever... it melts my momma heart, and now that Jack is getting older he is able to sit and be semi-interested in the whole thing.

Dinner at MOD Pizza... it was our first time there and it was so tasty - John demanded we return there the next day for dinner (and I happily obliged).

The cutest baby there ever was! John bought Jack the cutest baby Patagonia hat for Christmas, but it is too big for him, so we have to fold up the front. I absolutely of love it on him (even more so because John ordered it for him on his own), so I make him wear it every time it is even the least bit chilly out! 


  1. Awesome start to 2017! Your guys are so special! You've had so many fun adventures already this year!

  2. Jack in his patagonia hat is the cutest thing ever! Looks like a great month for you guys with some alone time for you guys, plus lots of fun with Jack!

  3. You guys have fit a ton into this month and it looks like the year is off to a great start for you!!

  4. What a fun start to 2017! My family was at the Orange Bowl too! My sister and her bf go to FSU :) It sounds like you had a great birthday week too! Have a great week :)

  5. Happy birthday! Looks like a wonderful month. Also, I'm not sure if I just haven't noticed it but I like your new layout!

  6. That sweet chunky boy of yours is my favorite little baby!! Expose those chunky thigh rolls- you for sure can't hide them away in pants, lol!

    I turn 29 later this year, so you'll have to let me know how it is ;)

  7. love all the pictures of your sweet family of three.... and Jack's socks. They are the cutest!! I've been thinking that I want to get my husband a Big Green Egg... I think he would really get into it. He's been trying to master our new range. It's been so funny to see him get into perfecting his cooking techniques. And YES... the brazilian steakhouse is SO GOOD. We're big fans around here. :)


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