Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2016!

2016 was such a special year for John and me with the welcoming of Jack into our family, and we are even more excited to see what 2017 has in store for us. 

John had a few days off of work around Christmas and New Year and it was so, so nice to have him home with Jack and me. It was great having the extra hands to help with the babe and make some tasty meals. In fact, I was even able to reorganize and put away all of our Christmas decor just in time for the new year, which was a total win! I feel like I'm starting 2017 with a clean slate - who doesn't love that?!

Here's a quick peek at our last few weeks of 2016!


Lots of afternoon naps made extra cozy with a fire... there is nothing better than a fire when it is a little chilly outside! But let's be real, this winter has been extremely warm (many days in the high 70s!), so there really wasn't anything too chilly about the end of 2016.

Lots of books and reading... Jack is a ferocious reader like his dad. ;)

And lots of trips to Target... This baby is a regular at Target and is well versed with the rules of self checkout. ;)

I was recently leaving Target and I made it to my car and took out Jack's carseat to put in my car, and I realized that I had some dried mangos left in my cart that I didn't pay for (not on purpose, obviously - they were hiding under his carseat!). I was not about to reload Jack into the cart and take him back into the store to pay for dried mangos that I really only put in the cart because I was bored, but I wasn't about to take it either - that would be stealing. So I left the dried fruit in the cart and returned the cart to the carousel... oh well, what's a first time mom to do?!

John took Scout and Lily hunting at a farm just north of Austin. Lily is still learning, but she is catching on quickly with the help of her big sister Scout!

We had "fall" in Texas for about 3 days... the leaves changed colors, fell, and now we have bare trees that will be budding within the next month or so. I enjoy seeing the trees change colors even if it is a pretty quick cycle! :)

This boy and his expressions absolutely kill me; he is so stinkin' sweet and silly... I wish I knew what this kid was thinking!

John and I had our first date-night-out to see Home Alone at the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra... and it was uhhh-mazing!!! Basically they show the movie on a large screen and the symphony plays all of the scores of the movie - it was such a blast and I want to go again sometime soon!

Although we missed our cracker Jack while we were out, it was so fun for John and me to have a night together, and return home to find him sound asleep - nothing better. :)

Every Christmas season needs a trip to the River Walk to see all of the lights and river boats.

Andddd a visit to the Alamo to see the large Christmas tree downtown (which strangely wasn't lit when we were there...?).

With the weather being so nice, we have had lots of fun walks around the neighborhood with this cutie! He loves walks... especially when John is pushing the stroller because John takes him "off roading." Aye, aye, aye, all I can think about is my stroller breaking as he is jumping curbs and pushing him all over rocks and ditches....

And sunset walks to end 2016... love this guy so much! 

Now here's to hoping that I can remember to write "2017" by the time February comes along...


  1. Sounds like the perfect end to 2016! I just want to pinch his cheeks. (Jack's cheeks..) I'm pretty sure I say that every time I leave a comment. :)

  2. Your house is so cozy!! Love it!! Jack is so very cute!! Love his facial expressions!!! Too funny about the dried mangos. That's real life, lol!

  3. Writing 2017 is going to be tough for sure! Love that you guys got to spend some alone time without Jack! Watching Home Alone sounds amazing, with the orchestra playing all the scores, that sounds even cooler! The lights along the Riverwalk are so pretty, one of these days we'll make it down there during the holiday season and not just the awful summer heat!

  4. Happy 2017 Lisa! I hope it's a wonderful year for you!

  5. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful end to 2016! All of Jack's faces are so funny and adorable. Hope y'all have a wonderful 2017!

  6. Jack's cheeks are the absolute best! I'm loving all the faces that he's making in your pictures, too. Happy 2017!

  7. Such a great year for your precious little family! What a difference in "winters" from Michigan to Texas! Love Jack's facial expressions! Too funny!

  8. Ah! We never made it to the Riverwalk like we wanted to :( And I had thought about getting tickets for that Home Alone thing...I'm glad y'all did it! I just love all of Jack's facial expressions. So cute!


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