Wednesday, February 15, 2017

10 things to do for preparing to bring home baby!

Now that it has been almost 4 months since bringing Jack home, I am able to look back at all of my pregnancy nesting activities and evaluate whether or not all of the efforts were actually helpful. I may have gone a little overboard in the nesting and baby preparation department, but to be honest, I don't regret the effort a single bit... it made bringing home baby a little bit easier knowing I had prepared logistically!

The truth is, there is so much that you can't prepare for, so tackling what you can beforehand will make things much easier.

ONE  |  Clean house... but don't do it yourself - pay someone. 
Get your house deep cleaned. Once the baby arrives it will probably be 2-3 months before you feel up to dusting your ceiling fan, cleaning your windows, wiping your baseboards, etc. So to ensure that your house doesn't get too grimy (assuming this would bother you!), have someone come do a deep clean of your home.

This was one of the many "nesting" Groupons that I purchased... we had our carpets cleaned, interior and exterior windows washed, and our home deep cleaned (baseboards, fans, etc.). John literally asked if I had purchased stock in Groupon because I was buying so many ...and every single one was worth it!

TWO  |  Pack your bag and put it in the trunk of your car.
We all know that you need to pack a hospital bag, but don't just pack one... put it in the trunk of your car! In fact, preemptively put anything in your car that you may want at the hospital (birthing ball, pillow and blankets, nurse thank yous, etc.). By putting everything in your car beforehand, you won't be rushing out the door trying to grab everything and end up forgetting something.

This ended up being very helpful for me since I was unexpectedly induced when I was at the doctor for my normal 39 week appointment. Thankfully, I had everything already with me so John wasn't left trying to figure out what we needed on his way to the hospital to meet me.

THREE  |  Install the car seat.
Install the base and carseat in your car... in fact, if you have more than one base (one for your car and one for your husband's car), install the bases in both vehicles because you never know where you may be when it is time to go to the hospital. Again, having the carseat base and seat already installed in my car ended up being so helpful considering I had an unplanned induction. And hey! It's fun and exciting to drive around with a carseat when you're waiting for your little one to arrive.

FOUR  |  Make preparations for other kiddos or pets.
John and I don't have family in Texas, and we needed to come up with a game plan to take care of our dogs when it was time to go to the hospital. To prepare for this, I portioned out food for each dog into little baggies and had detailed feeding and care instructions. That way when it was time for baby's arrival, we could bring them to be boarded and drop them off without having to go into how to care for them. 

FIVE  |  Have a to-do and to-grab list for when you're running out the door.
Even if you have your hospital bag packed and in the car, there are probably a few things that you will need to grab on your way out the door (wallet, toiletries, etc.). Make a list of these items (and put the list on your door!) so you don't forget anything while running around heading to the hospital.

SIX  |  Make (or buy) freezer meals. 
Having a few meals in the freezer will come in handy once the baby arrives and you're not just too tired to cook, but too tired to even consider making a grocery list and going to the store.

If you don't feel like making a freezing dinners, then that is totally fine - just go and buy some! Both Trader Joe's and Costco have some great frozen meal options.

SEVEN  |  Purchase postpartum supplies.
The truth is, you can only steal so much from the hospital before starting to look like a serious cheapo (and trust me, I really pushed the limit on this one!). Before baby arrives purchase the many postpartum supplies that you anticipate needing before you come home from the hospital. Pads, Colace, nursing supplies, etc.

You'll be thankful you have everything beforehand and you're not trying to explain to your husband where to find witch hazel in CVS...

EIGHT  |  Interview and meet with your pediatrician.
You don't want to be calling around trying to find a pediatrician that is accepting new patients and takes your insurance after the baby is already born... so make sure to do this before!

Also, at my hospital if you don't declare your pediatrician, then whatever doctor is on call will see your child. There is nothing wrong with this, but I was looking to have my pediatrician declared so that Jack saw the same doctor when he was in the hospital, for his 2-3 day visit, and all future appointments.

NINE  |  Have your logistical checklist ready.
Once you have a baby there are many administrative things you'll have to remember to do... if you work you'll need to activate your short term disability claim, notify your work to start FMLA, and add your baby to your insurance policy.

Gather all of this paperwork beforehand and have it ready in a folder so that you can make a few calls and be done with it - there's nothing you want less than to be digging through paperwork trying to find all of the needed information when you've got a hungry baby waiting for you!

TEN  |  Pamper yourself.
After you have a baby it may be a while before you get a chance to get away for a fresh set of highlights or to get your nails done... so make sure you pamper yourself and relax before the baby arrives! That way, when you're one month postpartum, running on no sleep, and have spit-up all over you, you at least won't have to worry about your roots needing a touch up! ;)


  1. Such a great list!! We have someone coming TODAY to deep clean our house and I am embarrassingly excited. We had someone booked to clean our carpets however with Bella's surgery we are so limited on what we can do. Soo that's throwing a huge kink in things. And she also isn't allowed to ride in the car, walk on hardwoods, etc. We were planning for her to go to my mom's when I head to the hospital but now we are kind of like "oh crap" what are we going to do with her. Ah! It's so close!

  2. Also, I have my hospital bag packed but not my make-up, phone charger, and all the things I use on a daily basis. I guess those things will be thrown in last minute or hubs can come pick them up!

  3. Great list! I was the opposite with my hospital bag. The first time, I kept it in my car for weeks. And I swore that it jinxed me, haha. So this time, I waited. I had it half packed and waiting in our bedroom. I ended up packing the rest of it through awful contractions the morning Maci was born. Not ideal, but it worked out!

  4. You did do an amazing job preparing... I remember being so impressed that you had your freezer meals organized in advance!! I love it!

  5. Such a wonderful list! I wish I had done more prepared meals ahead of time. That would have made things a little easier. You've done a great job!

  6. great tips! i totally wish i made freezer meals in advance! I also wish we practiced buckling in a baby doll or something into the carseat! we struggled at the hospital haha xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. This list is awesome! Definitely saving for when we are at this step.

  8. What a great list! Honestly, I had never seen a list of the like with the idea to pick a pediatrician that accepts your insurance. Genius!

  9. I'm pinning this post! I'm not even a momma yet (or pregnant) BUT this was so helpful! I really enjoyed reading this. Anything that can help in preparation, I'm totally all about that!


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