Thursday, March 16, 2017

Life Lately!

One of the many reasons that I love blogging is because it is the perfect way to capture the little day-to-day moments that may otherwise get forgotten about. With Jack growing up (and changing!) so quickly, I want to make sure that I'm keeping up to date with cataloging all the fun (even the non-remarkable fun!) that we've been up to.

Here's a quick peek of some of our recent happenings!


Jack has a pretty consistent morning routine, and I always love cuddling that sweet baby as soon as he wakes up! ...Well actually, I should clarify... I love cuddling him once he wakes up and is done eating - that boy will scream loudly if he doesn't nurse first thing after he wakes up.

Is he not the chubbiest baby you've ever seen?!

We recently met our good friends for dinner at The Pod. It was fun having all of their family there and our family there... it's definitely more work to include kiddos, but it is so fun having everyone together!

Our friends have a little babe that is only two months older than Jack, and I cannot wait until they get a bit older so that they can play together... they will be great friends, I just know it!

John and I made a day trip to Marble Falls, Texas to go strawberry picking! I love strawberries and am convinced that they are just terrible when bought from the grocery store. These were so much more flavorful and lasted longer too.

We were a little worried that all the berries would be picked over, but there were still a ton of great ones to be harvested.

It was pretty chilly, but this little babe was quite the trooper!

The berry farm had several goats, and Jack was quite intrigued by them.

John made sure to show Jack the tracker... and just in case you can't tell, Jack loved it. :)

As soon as we saw these two, we were convinced that they were Scout and Lily in goat form.

I mean really, don't they look like the goats?!

The whole winter has been so warm, so I have kind of been loving the chilly weather. I recently bought this coat from and wasn't sure I would be able to wear it... so as soon as the temperatures dipped, I was excited for the perfect reason to break it out.

I love going on walks with my cracker Jack, so I bundled him up in his bassinet and we went for a spin in the neighborhood!

Now that Jack is getting older, he is starting to enjoy his toys more. His good friend Blake (who is only a week younger!) recommended this rattle teether and Jack loves it! He mostly just shoves it in his face trying to get it in his mouth... but it is pretty cute. :)

For my birthday John got me an embroidery machine, and after getting so frustrated and almost throwing it out of a window, I finally started to figure out how to use it! I found these bags at the Dollar Spot at Target, and thought they would be perfect to monogram.

Onesies are definitely harder to monogram since the fabric is so much thinner, but I am slowly and surely figuring it out!

Y'all, if you haven't checked out, you need to. In addition to the coat, I also got this dress and I love it - perfect for easy wearing... can't go wrong with a good shift dress!

I am doing a ladies Bible study at my church, and we only have one week left of Beth Moore's Entrusted. It has been so (so) good... I may work through it again solo after we finish it!

John was able to get out a few more times just before the season closed. Little Lily had a great first season, and is learning quickly from Scout. She never stands still... so she makes for a pretty good bird dog!


  1. he is SO cute! and the strawberry picking sounds fun! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. You look amazing mama!! I could just eat Jack up... those cheeks omg!

  3. So many fun things! Love that jacket on you - it's perfect! I might have to copy you and go get some of those bags from Target - they're so cute!!

  4. I totally thought that goats were the pups the first time around, I had to go back and look at them again, lol!! Jack is SO cute!! Love his cute face!! You look fantastic, too!

  5. I love that picture of Lily in the truck! The embroidery looks awesome.

  6. Such fun! Jack looks adorable at the farm! Those pups are so cute and I am obsessed with goats. Also, love those monogrammed bags! xx, I'm Fixin' To

  7. The last photo with your pup jumping is too cute! Jack is so happy and chubby and I love it! ;)


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