Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Arizona Adventures

John, Jack and I recently spent a long weekend in Arizona... and it was wonderful! We used to live in Arizona, and to be honest, we often miss it quite a bit. It was fun being able to introduce Jack to our friends, eat at our favorite restaurants and even do a day trip to Sedona for some hiking.

This was Jack's first time traveling out of state and overall he did quite well! Jack's first flight went better than I expected... which is a good thing because I wasn't overly positive going into it. To be honest, Jack is follows a pretty consistent schedule which makes him great and very predictable at home, but he's a little less flexible when we are on the go since he is so used to his normal routine. He has trouble falling asleep while being held (which is crazy since it seems like most babies only want to sleep while being held!) so he didn't sleep much on either leg of the flight, but we were still able to bounce him and keep him entertained and happy.

Jack really enjoyed people watching while traveling throughout the airport and he had no problem staring people down... no shame in his game! He would totally mean mug people that walked by, but as soon as the person smiled at Jack he will flash them the biggest smile ever! We kept our stroller with us throughout the airport (and then gate checked it) and it was quite handy to load all of our things on it so we weren't managing a million different bags. I know everyone says to wear your baby in the airport, but in the end this just seemed so much easier.

We weren't quite sure what baby gear to pack, but we were quite happy with everything we had. We brought our travel pack and play (which was amazing... highly recommend the Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib - I've heard scary/gross stories about hotel pack and plays and wanted to make sure Jack used his own), his car seat and base, stroller, Ergo, and a hiking pack (this was the piece that John was most excited about!).

Jack had many firsts in Arizona - including his first time going swimming in a pool! He absolutely loves bath time so I expected that he was going to love swimming. And although he didn't hate it, he wasn't too sure what to think... totally his dad's son - I'm sure he is still "processing" it all. Jack was pretty serious about the whole experience, but he definitely loved the pool side lounging with his mom. ;)

Along with pool time, we had lots of early morning walks. We stayed right next to the Cub's spring training stadium and would walk the perimeter a few times with Jack in the mornings. You can't beat spring (or fall!) mornings in Arizona - a bit chilly, but super sunny. The weather warms up pretty quickly throughout the day so the time change (with Arizona being two hours later than Texas) worked in our favor for morning walks with Jack.

Most of our time in Arizona was spent visiting friends, eating at our favorite restaurants, spending time by the pool and doing a little shopping, but we didn't want to miss out on introducing Jack to hiking. Since it was too hot to hike in Phoenix (especially considering there isn't tree coverage) we wanted to take a day trip to Sedona. It was still a bit hot in Sedona, so we hiked the West Fork Trail at Oak Creek Canyon which had some nice trees to keep us shaded (and streams to dip Jack's feet in!).

Jack really seemed to enjoy his hiking pack and was awake for the majority of the time just looking around at things. Near the end I could tell he was tired and couldn't figure out how to comfortably sleep in the pack so he got pretty noisy and did raspberries (which he does when he starts to get really tired!) until we were able to get back to the car. After our hike we went to lunch in Sedona, enjoyed the views, and explored the shops a bit.

We had our Christmas card photos taken in Sedona a few years ago, and we hiked the same exact spots in Oak Creek Canyon that we took Jack to this time - it was funny being back there several years later with a baby in tow... how quickly things change!

We did a lot of exploring in Arizona, and near the end of the trip Jack was getting a bit tired of being in his car seat, stroller, hiking pack, etc. The kid had some serious energy to burn! And I could tell he was looking forward to getting back to his play mat, bouncer and other toys. Once we got home he was so happy to be there... he slept amazing in his crib, enjoyed playing with his toys, and just being in his own space again. Perhaps I'm projecting some of my feelings on to him, but I swear, he really did seem happy to be in his own space again!

All in all it was a very successful trip, but we were all thankful to be home... hotel living with a baby ain't easy (especially when you don't let them touch or lay on anything!!).


  1. Awww!! What a fun trip!! Jack is making alllll the faces, so it doesn't surprise me that he was mean mugging people in the airport. That's actually hilarious. I love it! Love all the pool time, friend time, and hiking time - just what y'all needed I'm sure!

  2. What a fun and successful trip!! Looks like everyone had a great time! I feel Jack, I like being home and not in a hotel ;)

  3. You are brave mama! We were supposed to fly with baby this weekend to a wedding and I backed out last minute so Garrett is going alone :( just not ready for that yet! Looks like yall had an awesome trip and those hiking pictures are adorable!!

  4. So many cute pics of Jack! We're going on our first trip with Ada this weekend . . . we'll see how it goes! We're also plan on doing some hiking at Zion National Park, so it'll be an adventure for sure!

  5. what a great trip!! he is SUCH a cutie!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Ahhh! I love Oak Creek Canyon! It's SO pretty! I love that y'all still do much hiking even with Jack in tow - I'm sure he loves it!


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