Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jack: Seven Month Update

Jack is seven months old today! It's so strange because when I look at him, he doesn't even seem like the same guy that we took home from the hospital... he has so much personality - the perfect combination of silly and sweet.

 Jack is seven months old, and he's starting to look more and more like a little boy everyday... including growing more hair on his head! It's still pretty fuzzy, but recently it is becoming more noticeable.

Jack currently weighs a smidgen over 21lbs. We have started shopping for a convertible car seat because it is getting quite heavy to carry him in is infant one (20+ lbs of baby plus a 10lb car seat is 30lbs that I've got to lug around)!

 He is still in size 4 diapers and they fit him pretty perfectly.

Jack nurses or gets a bottle of frozen breast milk five times per day (typically around 7AM, 10:30AM, 2PM, 4:30PM, 6:45PM). He has gotten much better at drinking from a bottle, and although he gets a little fussy with it every now and then, getting him to eat really isn't a concern like it used to be.

In addition to milk, we have been trying to get him to eat solids three times per day... sometimes we get all three and other days we don't get any - it all depends on how busy the day is and how much running around we are doing. So far he has tried peas, sweet potatoes, apples, prunes, green beans, mangos, and squash. No real favorites - he seems to enjoy all of them!

We also tried the Baby Mum cracker teethers, but I don't think his belly was quite ready for it. He had a bit of reaction to them (I think it was the rice in them), so we will hold off and try them again in a month or so.

Jack has been rolling all over his crib and started sleeping on his stomach. We always put him on his back, but he manages to wake up in a completely different position. We are happy that he is able to make himself comfortable, but sometimes his sleep sack gets twisted and he can't flip himself back over (or he will roll so far to one side of the crib that he can't flip back). 

He will cry and cry until we come in and flip him back on his back (which is fine, but often times he will get so frustrated that he can't go back to sleep easily - boo!). Thankfully he is figuring out how to work these situations out, so it only happens a couples times a week.

Jack loves being carried in the Ergo 360 (facing forward!). I was so happy when he started to enjoy this because he absolutely hated the carriers when he was an infant (but perhaps it was because he was being carried inward). He loves being able to see what's going on and loves the attention that everyone gives him.

I joke that Jack loves to send emails because he will get very, very excited if I let him bang on my computer keyboard. He has ripped a few keys off (which thankfully just pop back on), but he thinks it is so fun that I just can't tell him no! :) He also loves cellphones, which I feel a little guilty about. We FaceTime with my mom several times a week, and he is always reaching for the phone wanting to grab it.

Jack also loves sitting up and can't quite pull himself up to sit on his own - but if you just give him a little help, he will do the rest. He still loves jumping in his bouncer (BEST toy ever), and loves playing with tags... tags on blankets, pillows, clothes - anything!

Jack still very much dislikes teething. He is still working on his top two teeth, although I'm sure they will be coming in any week now.

For Mother's Day we spent a day at the Texas coast and Jack did a little face plant in the sand, and the sweet boy very, very much disliked that. He had sand stuck to his whole face and was screaming hysterically (and in all fairness, I wouldn't be happy with a layer of sand stuck to my face either!). Overall he had a nice time at the beach, but I think he is a little hesitant of sand...

Jack also gets very upset - mad even - when he comes out of the bath tub. I'm not really sure why, but he will be so happy in the tub, happy when he is wrapped in the towel and I'm holding him, but as soon as I put him down, without fail, he throws a total fit!

Ohh, John just loves Jack so very much. Their signature move together has been John putting Jack on his shoulders. Jack will immediately take two fist-fulls of John's hair to hold on and he will just happily ride around looking at everything. Jack thinks his dad is pretty exciting... in addition to getting to ride on his shoulders, John will also give Jack a little toss in the air, and it is almost always a sure way to get some laughs from Jack.

It's so sweet because after I put Jack to bed for the night John will often joke and ask if we can wake Jack up to play. He is talking about how he can't wait until Jack is old enough to wrestle... it's probably the cutest thing in the world!

John has also started to pick out outfits for Jack that coordinate his - it makes my heart melt seeing both my boys in chambray together. John also bought Jack the most ridiculous pair of Babiators on his way home from work. Although he looks so silly wearing them, who am I to deny John the thrill of buying his son 100% UV sunglasses?!

Scout and Lily
Jack is starting to become more and more interested in and wanting to "pet" Scout and Lily. He grabs their cheeks and they don't seem to mind too much. ;) Scout isn't too interested in Jack, but Lily loves to come say "hi!" ...she will give him a little kiss on the face and he will usually laugh - it's pretty sweet!

As much as Jack is starting to enjoy Scout and Lily, they still can't hold a candle to his sweet kitty, Winnie. Jack absolutely loves grabbing his kitty's fur and saying hello whenever he can - he honestly gets excited to see her and will try to get her attention.

Jack is wearing 12 month clothes... which is absolutely crazy for me to believe! I've been buying him the cutest Cat and Jack pocket t-shirts from Target and they fit him great. I have to be careful because the t-shirts are only about $5 each, so I can easily go overboard since they are such a great deal!

Favorite Moments
My favorite moment this month was certainly my first Mother's Day. On Mother's Day we loaded up John's truck and took a family trip (dogs included) to the beach. It was fun to get out to the coast and enjoy a nice sea breeze. Since we were out of town on Mother's Day, the weekend after we celebrated with a delicious brunch at Whiskey Cake. 

I'm also loving getting to hear more and more of Jack's voice. As he is getting older there are fewer screams and squeals and more actual babbles... I'm always surprised when I hear his real voice because it is often deeper than I expect it to be (probably because I'm used to his screams and squeals!).

Jack also rode in a Target shopping cart for his first time. And if you know me even a little bit, you know that this was quite thrilling for me and my Target lovin' heart! He insisted on kicking his leg up out of the seat and had a little bit of a lean going on, but he was fascinated getting to see everything from such a great view. I even let him test out a few toys and bought him his favorite one. ;)

Looking Forward To
I am so looking forward to this little boy crawling and getting on the move. It will probably be a few more months (he lifts up with his hands and can get his butt in the air - but can't do both things at the same time), so I am trying to enjoy the less mobile baby while I can... I'm sure he will be getting into all sorts of trouble soon enough!

I am also looking forward to getting to know him more and more. About a week ago we went to a good friend's graduation party and Jack was a bit overwhelmed by all of the people - which totally surprised me! He doesn't have any issues going to our church nursery or spending time with our church life group, but something about a group of people that he didn't know was overwhelming for him (or perhaps it was just the day's lack of naps...). Either way, I am enjoying getting to learn more about him and his preferences!


  1. Adorable! And ooooh no about the face plant in the sand, I wouldn't have been happy either! Serena is all over her crib at night now too, and we only recently stopped swaddling her so girlfriend is loving the freedom! Crawling and the top teeth are in our near future too, loving all the fun milestones <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. Happy 7 Months baby Jack!! My little guy loves riding around in his Ergo too! He is also a huge fan our cats and dog :) It's so sweet to get to see their little personalities develop. What an adorable little guy you have! Thanks for sharing <3


  3. Oh my gosh, Lisa. Your pictures are amazing! Seriously...every one looks so professional. Jack is such a cutie. I love all of the photos of him and John...I loved that John wants to wake him up to play. :) I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day! I'm trying to plan a weekend trip to the Texas coast for us in August. I need to book it! See you soon, friend!

  4. Happy 7 Months, Jack!!! He is so adorable and growing up so quickly! Love all his little outfits you have him in :)


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