Friday, August 11, 2017

Jack: Eight Month Update

I'm a little (read: a lot!) late on this eight month update, but hey, better now than never!
Here's a quick peek at Jack's eighth month exploring the world!

Jack turned eight months old June 25th.

Jack didn't gain a whole lot of weight during month eight, but it didn't matter too much because he is still a total squish weighing in at almost 22lbs. He has the cutest little diaper muffin top, and I absolutely love it! He is still wearing size 4 diapers and they fit him perfectly.

Jack has a more varied diet than I do!

He eats just about any Stage 2 baby food and has more fruits and veggies than I could name... and he LOVES his puffs! I'm able to put him in his highchair with puffs on his tray, and he will just snack and play away (until they all fall on the ground, that is!).

Jack also consistently has four 6-8oz bottles per day.

Jack is settling into a great sleep routine. 

We wake him up every day at 7AM (or, we go get him at 7, at least - he wakes up a bit earlier and hangs out in his crib chatting to himself), he goes back down for a nap at 9AM and again at 1PM, and retires for the night between 6:30-6:45PM.

He had a bit of a sleep regression that we had to work through, but we all came out alive - I think it was a combination of teething and general development (Mental Leap 6).

Jack loves getting to sit with the "big kids" at restaurant tables... that being said, we can't leave anything within his reach otherwise he will grab it and pull it on the floor. We will often give him a few puffs to play with and eat, and he is a pretty happy camper.

It's fun having him sit with us and not just keeping him in his car seat everywhere we go!

During month eight, Jack very much disliked teething!! He currently has eight teeth, and I swear, six of them all came in within a one-week span... poor baby (and poor mama!).

John loves to sing the University of Michigan fight song to Jack... and oh boy, this little boy loves his daddy so much! We also had fun celebrating John's first Father's Day this month.

Scout and Lily
Our cat, Winnie, is still the star of Jack's show! Jack is becoming more and more interested in his dogs, but absolutely loves his cat and getting to "pet" her - he will grab a fist full of fur and thankfully, Winnie doesn't mind much... so long as it is just fur and not her tail, that is!

Jack is wearing 18 month clothing. I really did not like t-shirts for him (due to his big belly!), but more recently it's really the only thing I put him in anymore... and pants are optional! I mean, hey, it's June in Texas, and it is HOT - why wear pants if you don't have to?!

Favorite Moments
Not only has Jack started to sit in high chairs at restaurants, but he now pretty consistently sits in shopping carts too! I love toting around town with my little buddy, and Jack just loves all of the attention he gets from strangers... no stranger danger here - this kid is social!

Looking Forward To
I am looking forward to Jack getting to meet my side of the family in month 9! My grandparents and the majority of my aunts and uncles live in Minnesota, and I'm excited for Jack to get to meet all of them in person.


  1. I hope Jack's eyes never change. He has the sweetest, most beautiful eyes. He's looking so much like his daddy in these pictures, but he has your eyes!

  2. Obsessed with that picture of him in the Ergo! So dang cute. Sounds like a great month!!! Besides the teething! :(

  3. Jack is seriously one of the happiest and cutest and chubbiest babies I've ever laid eyes on! I love all the pics you share of him! I'm very envious of that sleep schedule you've got! Mine is screaming at the moment.... ha!

  4. Haha! "Why wear pants if you don't have to?!" Love it! I'm so impressed that he goes to bed at 6:30/6:45pm...I'm jealous of him! :)

  5. He is such a CUTIE!!! Happy 8 Months little one! I just love his monogrammed romper & I love seeing how you all use your Ergo Carrier! <3



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