Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Jack: Nine Month Update

Jack turns 10-months old on Friday, so I figured I should probably hurry up and post his 9-month update before becoming grossly overdue (for the second month in a row!). As Jack gets older, we get busier, and it's more and more difficult to find time to post... but better late than never, right? :)

9 months old!

I was excited to see what Jack would formally weighed in at for his 9-month well visit, and he was 22lb 11oz (about the 90th percentile). It's crazy to me to think at 6-months he was over 20lbs, and 3 months later he really hasn't gained all that much... he really has started to level out a bit!

He is just about 28 inches tall (around the 75th percentile).

Jack's appetite for solids really started to pick up this month... I couldn't even believe it! 

We haven't done a ton of table food yet (just things like scrambled eggs, yogurt, etc.), but he has been loving the Stage 3 baby food with meat in it (gag...).

Jack is really in a pretty great routine, and he doesn't mind sleeping in new areas (so long as it is dark, quiet, and he can lay down, then it is good for him!). He doesn't sleep well being held (making plane rides tough), but I am totally okay with that considering the moment I lay him down flat he will put himself to sleep.

Jack lovesss to swim! Oh my goodness, it doesn't matter how cold the water is, he has an awesome time no matter what. He will dunk his face in the water, and could really hang out in the pool all day long if we let him.

He also started inch-worming this month and is loving being more mobile - if he wants something, he goes after it and gets it!

One of my likes from this month is that Jack has started giving the absolute best hugs... big ole bear hugs! He often will throw in a little bite (I'm convinced he just has so much love bottled up and he doesn't know how to release all the excitement!), but for the most part, the hugs are as sweet as can be.

Jack very, very much dislikes getting his face wiped after eating... honestly, he gets so upset that I've even wondered if it causes him physical pain?! I'm pretty sure he is just being dramatic, but one thing is for sure: if you're going to wipe his face, you better be ready with a plan to distract him while you do it (fun/crazy noises, etc.).

John is such a good daddy to Jack. Since Jack goes to bed so early, the majority of time that John spends with Jack during the week is in the mornings. Jack will hang out in the bathroom with John, and John will "teach" him how to shave and comb his hair... it's really pretty sweet. :)

Also, when laying Jack down for bed and naps, we often sing to Jack. And without fail, John sings the only song that he claims he knows (which is so not true...) - the Michigan fight song. Ayee, I'm all like, can't you sing him Jesus Loves Me or something?! But nope, John insists that the only song he knows is the fight song...

Scout and Lily
With every passing month, Jack is becoming more interested in the dogs. 

And now that Jack is eating solids, the dogs love to "help" pick up after him (which, hey, I totally appreciate!). The first thing that the dogs do when I let them out of their crate in the mornings is run to Jack's high chair and eat all of the puffs and fallen food... much cuter than buying a Roomba! ;)

Jack is wearing 18-month clothes. 

He only wears pants about 50% of the time, but we are working on increasing that since he is acting less and less like a baby and more like a toddler (sitting in high chairs at restaurants, etc.). I can't remember the last time that this guy wore a onesie (except for pajamas)... he is getting so old and I can't hardly believe that we may be out of the onesie stage already!!

Favorite Moments
There were so many favorite moments this month. 

We were able to travel to Minnesota for a week and have Jack meet a large number of my extended family - my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins! My mom took him to the library where they played together and spent lots of swimming, riding around the city in a Burley being pulled by a bike... just tons of family fun this month!

One thing is for sure, and it's that so many people love Jack, and it's such a blessing to have people enjoy him and love on him the way that John and I get to every day.

Looking Forward To
Next month we will be traveling to Washington D.C. and Jack will get the opportunity to meet John's side of the family. Since family time can be rare, these are always extra special moments.

Also, I am looking forward to the little buddy starting to crawl! He is so close and it will surely happen next month (and hint: he does!). :)



  1. This kid's expressions are THE BEST!! So many great photos in here, Lisa!! Love the ones from the family trip - just precious!

  2. Haha that is so funny and cute about John and the fight song!

  3. How much fun!! I can't believe how big Jack is (he's almost 1!!!) - but still oh, so cute!

  4. Lisa he is PERFECT oh my gosh. There is nothing sweeter than a bald baby!


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