Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Festivities

This Christmas (and the week leading up to it) was really one for the books! 

We had snow on Christmas Eve (which was fun for our first Christmas in the north) and had a wonderful time celebrating with family. It is so incredibly nice to be able to spend the holidays with family without having to travel - it's been so long since that has been the case... and now that Jack is a bit older (he turned 14 months on Christmas) he is understanding more and more that Christmas is something special!

Here's a quick peek at our Christmas festivities!


I'm unsure who loved setting up our Christmas tree more... me or Jack! We used all plastic ornaments, and the sweet boy just loved helping "decorate" and "redecorate" the tree DAILY! I'm pretty sure "Those aren't really berries, Jack!" was said at least ten times a day...

John organized a Christmas date night for us, and we dropped Jack off at my parents house, headed to dinner at The Bachelor Farmer, did a little shopping at Askov Finlayson, and then went to the Guthrie Theater to see A Christmas Carol - it was such a nice evening, and the show was wonderful... I wouldn't mind making it an annual thing (hint, hint, John!). :)

My mom hosted a cookie baking day at her home for my aunts and cousin... and boy, we had tons of delicious cookies! I absolutely love baking so it was fun being able to bake and decorate cookies with other people. I boxed up the cookies and delivered them to our neighbors, John's coworkers, and froze a tray for Christmas morning - and you best believe they all got eaten!

Jack got to go to my parents house for a Christmas sleep over and John and I went to go see the new Star Wars movie. In the morning John woke up early and took the dogs hunting, and oh my, it was so nice waking up as slowly as I wanted... no baby or dogs that needed tending to - it was a wonderful morning moving very slowly and celebrating the holidays.

Christmas Eve we went to my parents house for dinner, gifts, and games. Jack enjoyed opening all of his gifts (slowly...) and loved laying directly on top of boxes - such a ham!! He is such a blessed little boy, and I pray that he grows up knowing the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of life that we have because of it.

Christmas morning my parents and brother headed over to our home for brunch. John smoked a delicious salmon on his Big Green Egg that we had as an appetizer, and we had ham and quiche for our main meal. It was a relaxing morning celebrating Christmas.

Later in the evening we all went to my aunts house for dinner, games, and a white elephant exchange. They live on a lake and had an awesome ice skating rink shoveled on the ice, but it was far too cold for me (although no one else seemed to mind!). We brought Scout and Lily with and they enjoyed being able to run on the frozen lake! It was a wonderful evening with family and closed the day exactly as I had hoped!


  1. One of my goals is to host a cookie swap party. Maybe next year. Or having a baking day. That sounds like fun, too. :) LOL "those aren't real berries Jack." Sweet boy. It looks like you all had a wonderful holiday... minus the mind numbing coldness that has descended, lol.

  2. What a perfect Christmas! I am so obsessed with your pics... what camera do you use?

  3. I'll take some of those cookies! Haha! Isn't Christmas so much fun with the little ones?!


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