Monday, December 11, 2017

Jack: Eleven and Twelve Month Update

Well, Jack is almost 14 months old (on December 25th!) which means I'm a few months late for this update. I was debating whether or not I wanted to even post about the months (or share more recent things), but for sake of cataloging photos, I wanted to make sure I closed out his entire first year of life with updates!

Let's just say that Jack's eleventh and twelfth month of life have been busy. Between selling our home in Texas, packing up all of our things, moving to across the country (literally - straight north!) to Minnesota, buying a new home, "unpacking" our things, John starting a new job, Jack's first birthday, and a new baby only a few months away... busy seems like an understatement. 

So to save time (and since I don't have a ton of photos since the name of the game during these months was survival), I thought I would combine months eleven and twelve together (because let's be real - it's all a blur anyway!).


At Jack's 12-month well visit he was in the 94% for weight and 95% for height... he is definitely proportional, but wow, he is a big kid! I honestly didn't realize how big he was until he started walking and would stand next to kids that were older than him, but he was much larger.


Jack is a really great eater. At this point, he basically eats whatever table food we are eating... he loves all food - including vegetables! From green beans to pickles to hot dogs, he isn't picky (and I hope it stays that way!). I try to make sure he has a fruit, veggie, protein and grain at every meal, and it is honestly easier than I expected it to be (he gets a lot of repeats, but hey, at least it's a balanced diet!).


Jack still is a great sleeper at night and during the day for naps. He goes to bed around 7PM, wakes up around 7AM, and has two 1.5 hour naps during the day (9:15AM and 1:30PM). It will be nice when he is down to one long nap per day, but at this point he still really needs two.


Jack started walking a few weeks before his first birthday! He had been standing independently for quite a while and walking along furniture and the walls, so we knew it was going to be right around his first birthday. In the beginning we would entice him with things (like cell phones, car keys, remote controls... ya know, "baby" things), but eventually he just took off and preferred it over crawling!


Jack loves other kids. He will go to the park and stare and watch "big" kids (3-4 years old) all day. He also loves to ham it up with people in the grocery store and just about anyone who will pay attention to him. He is very social and such a sweet natured little kid... and so long as he is fed and has his naps, he basically stays this way all the time!


Jack very much does not like missing naps. I don't know if it is because he has been on a good routine for so long, but he really struggles with sleeping places other than his crib/pack and play, etc. It seems like most kids fall asleep in the car, in the stroller, or a baby carrier, but not Jack - he dislikes anything other than his crib.

I knew this would be a huge struggle when making the drive to Minnesota (I drove Jack and our cat, Winnie, and John left the following day with the dogs) so I woke up at 3AM every day to start driving in hopes that he would still be sleepy enough to not mind being in his car seat, and it definitely helped (despite being totally painful for me!!).


John just lovesss his little boy... and the little boy loves his daddy. 

The are total clones of each other, and Jack is so content to just hang out with John all day. They go to Orvis together to look at knives, fishing stuff, and other things, and Jack just happily tags along with his dad wherever he wants to go. It is super sweet to watch (and hey, I don't mind the free time either!).

Scout and Lily

Ohhh, Scout and Lily! Jack enjoys his dogs, but thinks they are a bit noisy... as long as they aren't barking Jack is perfectly happy to hang out with them, but the barks are a bit loud and startling for him. 

To be honest, the dogs and Jack don't really interact a whole lot (for no other reason than interest), but the dogs happily share snacks and clean up after Jack when he is done eating (how do you moms without dogs do it?!! I would be vacuuming and Swiffer-wet-jetting more than my mind would be able to handle!).


At 11-12 months old, Jack was wearing 18 month clothes. We also stopped dressing him in onesies and he started wearing only "big boy" clothes (i.e. shirts and shorts/pants)... once he was mobile he just seemed to much prefer separates.

Favorite Moments

So many favorite moments over Jack's 11-12 months of life... he obviously turned ONE, but also has been exploring a whole new area with seasons. Both John and I enjoy watching Jack explore and learn as he gets older and experience new things... everything from wearing pants for the first time (Minnesota is much colder than Texas...) to trying new foods, hanging out in the yard with sticks and leaves (praise God for no scorpions) - he has got to do a lot of really fun things!

Looking Forward To

Well, this post is obviously tardy, but if I were to answer as though I wasn't, I would be looking forward to his first birthday party (which was fiesta themed!), having Jack see snow for the first time, and getting to enjoy a lot more family and extended family time together.

I am also looking forward to Christmas! Last year Jack was so little last year, that there was really no difference between Christmas or any other day of the year. I'm looking forward to him opening presents, looking at all of the Christmas lights, and maybe even a trip to see Santa!


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  1. YOU'RE BACK!!! I miss this blog! He is sooo precious and such a big boy! I wish yall lived closer so he and Vivi could be bff! :)

  2. This kid seriously has the best faces!!! I love how his whole face reacts to everything. It's the cutest thing ever!! I can't believe you all moved ACROSS THE COUNTRY! So crazy that you did all of that in TWO MONTHS!


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