Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jack: 16 Month Update

I had originally planned to do a 15 month update for Jack... but, well, life got busy - so I figured why not 16 months?!

At Jack's 15-month well visit he weighed 27lbs (but given that it has been over a month since then, I would guess he has grown a bit! He is in the 94% for weight and the 90% for height (at his 15-month appointment he was just about 33inches long)... he is a big, but proportional toddler.

Jack is wearing size 5 diapers (but at night we have him wearing size 6 over nights), and all of his 18-month clothes are super tight on him - 2T is a much better fit... how is my baby wearing 2T?!!

Jack has a very healthy appetite... every morning he typically drinks about 8oz of milk, eats a Kodiak waffle, some fruit, and a handful of Cherrios. Breakfast is definitely his favorite meal of the day, and he doesn't eat nearly as much for lunch and dinner. Blueberries are definitely his favorite food (with cherry tomatoes being a close second).

We have been working more with forks and spoons, and he enjoys being able to feed himself (although we still won't use forks or spoons at restaurants since I'm pretty sure something will get thrown eventually...).

Jack is still a fantastic sleeper, and we are so thankful for that.

He is still napping two times per day, but we plan on transitioning him to one nap sometime within the next month. Once baby #2 arrives John has 8-weeks of paternity leave, so we will work on his nap transitions when John is home and able to help him when I am with the new baby.

Jack is all-in for whatever he does... he climbs, jumps on his mattress, and is really a rambunctious kid. He loves to spin around and get dizzy and put things over his head to walk around not knowing where he is going - he is very physical and a total goof ball!

He goes to a music class every Wednesday and his vocabulary has really started to take off. He knows all sorts of words and animal sounds... too many to count at this point! We have gotten to the point where we can say "Jack can you say _____", and he will take a good whack at it (so long as he isn't being shy!). Although he isn't stringing too many words together, he very much understands what we tell him. You can say "Jack go grab your kitty cat" and he will go get his kitty cat stuffed animal.

Jack absolutely LOVES to read books - and we read, read, read all day long! He definitely has his favorite books that he picks out and will say some of the words along with us. It is one of my favorite things that he will go grab a book from his bookshelf, hand it to you, and then immediately sit down on your lap for you to read it to him. He is such a sweet guy, and I look forward to this every night!

We have also started watching Sesame Street, and Jack really loves it! I feel like it is the first show that he has actually taken an interest in, and he will sit (or even stand!) and just watch the show and dance to the songs... it's super sweet!

Jack does not like being left alone with strangers. He is super social to people so long as John, me, his nanny, or my parents are with him... but if he senses that he is going to be left alone with someone he doesn't know, he starts to get clingy. I mean, hey, I don't typically like to be left alone with strangers either! So I can't blame him! :) But if we are with him, he is a little charmer and won't stop saying "hi" to people, flirting with them, or giving them high-fives!

Just like most toddlers, Jack also does not like to be told "no."

Jack loves his "da dee!"

Let me tell you, John could take Jack anywhere or do anything with him and Jack would be happy as a clam to hang out with his dad. Jack and I are often in his room getting ready for bed when John comes home from work and Jack will yell "da dee!" as soon as he realizes that John is home... it's the sweetest this ever, and I love watching the two of them together.

John will put Jack in a hiking pack and they will go take the dogs for a walk around Lake Harriet and Jack just enjoys his time saying "hi" to strangers and pointing out dogs. Jack is not scared off by the cold weather. In fact, recently he has enjoyed walking and walking and walking on his own. John jokes that he is training for his first hike. They have a lot of father-son adventures ahead of them!

Scout and Lily
Jack loves his dogs and will bark ("woof woof") at them. He loves Lily so much and will literally bring her food and his toys and drop them in her crate for her. We couldn't find John's car keys for about a week and eventually found them in her crate! He gives her remote controls to chew on, his toys, and just about anything else that he can find that can fit through the crate. It's so funny because he doesn't do it with Scout - just Lily. 

I think Jack thinks Scout is a little grumpy. Scout isn't too keen on being pulled on or chased by Jack so at this point, until Jack can understand "gentle" a bit better we are just keeping them separate.

Jack also loves his kitty, Winnie. He is a bit rough with her, but for some reason she doesn't seem to mind. Winnie makes no hesitation to hiss at our dogs, but she has never once hissed at Jack. He will honestly smother her, and we will separate them, but then she comes back for more!

It is so confusing to me, but she must not totally hate Jack because she lets him pull all over her. We are working on "gentle" and he will gently pat her... but he just has too much love to give - how can he be gentle with bear hugs?!

Favorite Moments
So many favorite moments... the little things, really!

I know it sounds so cheesy, but I just love watching Jack learn and figure out new things. When he picks up a new word from reading a book over and over (...and over...) again, or a new sound, it is so fun to watch. He knows a bit of sign language, can climb up and down the couch and chairs, and really just gets after life.

John and I were talking about how rambunctious he is and that he is "that kid" in his music class - but John's response was perfect: you can teach a kid to be polite and well-behaved, but you can't really teach them to get after life... and well, Jack certainly has the "gettin' after it" trait!

Looking Forward To
Seeing Jack interact with his new little sister! I'm sure there will be some jealousy, but I'm not too concerned - he is so little still that I'm hoping that he will adjust to our new normal pretty quickly. Baby Emma was gifted a kitty stuffed animal that Jack quickly claimed as his own (and not just claimed as his own, but claimed as his favorite!), so it will be fun/interesting to watch him learn to share (both toys and attention!).

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Baby #2: 36 Weeks Bumpdate

I can hardly believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant... where in the world has the time gone?!

I delivered Jack at 39 weeks and am hoping it will be a similar timeline with baby #2. And if it is, that means in less than 3 short weeks, we will be holding a new baby girl in our arms - so exciting (and terrifying... tons to do!) to think about.

How far along?
36 Weeks (and 2 days - but who's counting?)... the home stretch!

Size of baby?
About 6lbs! We had a growth ultrasound around 34 weeks, and the baby is measuring and growing wonderfully. She is in about the 52 percentile for size, but those measurements can vary so much, so who really knows how big she will be!

I will be very curious to see how much baby girl weighs when compared to Jack. Jack weighed 8lb 9oz at 39 weeks. I have read that babies born within 18 months of each other often have a lower birth weight for the second baby, so I will be curious to see if this is true for us.

The nursery is coming along wonderfully! Jack's first nursery was so much more of a project because we started with a very dark paint color that had decals all over it... it was a lot of work to get it to where we wanted it to be.

The nursery this time along is a smaller room and my parents painted it for us before we moved into our new home - so for the most part, the hard work of painting was over with! We will add wallpaper on one wall (hope to finish that this weekend!), but other than that it was mostly furnishing and decorating.

Looking forward to?
Having our sweet baby girl in our arms. This time around I feel so much more confident with baby care, nursing, knowing what to expect, etc. Maybe this is all false confidence (since every baby is different), but there is some comfort in knowing that we've done this before and survived... and even enjoyed the process enough to want another little baby!

Aye... this is the one thing that I am so looking forward to - with Jack I didn't really have trouble sleeping (other than the normal pregnancy insomnia that everyone seems to get every now and then). But this pregnancy, my hips have been getting sore from sleeping on my side. I am typically a back sleeper, and I CANNOT wait to be able to sleep on my back again!

Not a ton, honestly (other than the normal home-stretch kind of stuff... sleep, etc.). With Jack I had swelling near the end of the pregnancy, but thankfully this time around has not been bad at all. I was talking with John about this a few days ago, and it is hard to say whether or not the swelling is related to the different babies considering baby #1 was in the Texas summer (97 degrees!) and baby #2 is in the Minnesota winter (-7 degrees!)... that's a 100 degree swing, y'all - it clearly makes a difference!

I have also noticed that my immune system is quite suppressed... within the past month I have had a stomach virus not one, but TWO times. I'm really hoping to stay healthy for the rest of the season...

From 8-10PM I honestly feel like she is trying to bust out of my belly! Other than that two hour block, she still moves, but is much quieter.

Missing most?
Oh man, I would love a margarita... I'm not one to crave alcohol, but I am so looking forward to going out to eat and being able to have a drink or two with dinner.

I am also looking forward to getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothing. I know it will likely be a process, but I am so over maternity clothes and can't wait to have more than 4 sweaters and 2 pairs of pants to pick from...

Left to do?
I still need to finish the details of the nursery. I'm hoping that the majority of this will be done this weekend - but hey, let's be real, does the decorating ever really end?! I feel like I'm still decorating Jack's room when I think of something new.

I plan to pack a hospital bag soon - but really, after having Jack, there isn't a whole lot I will need to pack - toiletries, clean clothes for me and baby, my fan, camera, snacks... and that's about it this time around!

I also have a few loads of baby laundry to do, need to make care reservations for our dogs for when we are at the hospital, need to wipe down and wash all of Jack's old baby gear that we will be reusing (car seat, swing, bassinet, play mats, etc.)... but in reality, if none of this got done, we would still be in an okay position to bring home a baby.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Snow Days!

A few weeks ago we had our first heavy snow fall of the year... about a foot of snow in a single day! We couldn't let the fresh snow pass us by without a little bit of playing in it. For being as young as he is, Jack is quite a hardy kid and doesn't really mind the cold - which makes his dad so happy and proud! (...Now, that being said, the kid is way better out-fitted than I am... he has all sorts of winter gear to keep him warm - minus shoes - we can't find a good snow boot that he can easily walk in! Any suggestions?!).

John and I took Jack to the park in the sled and he enjoyed getting pulled around, swinging, and eating snowballs (not sure how he knew about eating snow, but as soon as John handed him a snowball, he treated it just like an apple and went in for a huge bite!). Thankfully it was freshly fallen snow and all white... yikes!

Jack had a little bit of trouble walking in the snow, so he resorted to crawling - I mean, hey, whatever works, right?! A foot of snow is a lot for a little kid to be walking through!

In addition to being pulled on a sled, John also took Jack to a big hill by our house for a little down-hill action. And let me tell you, it is all fun and games until someone gets a face full of snow! The first time they went down a small hill and once the sled stopped moving Jack yelled out in excitement "Yeah!" ...at this point John thought they could graduate to the big kid hill... they got going pretty quick so John put his feet down off the sled to try and slow them down which then sprayed all sorts of snow into Jack's face - and let's just say that although he wasn't happy, he handled it way better than I would have! :) 

Here's a peek at our snow day adventures!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

January Happenings!

I'm having a hard time believing that we are just about half-way through February... where the heck did January go?! Despite it seeming crazy that we are already a month and a half in to 2018, we've actually accomplished quite a lot - exploring our city, preparing for the new baby, and enjoying all that winter has to offer! 

Here's a quick peek of all that we've been up to this past month.


Pre-bed bath time... Nothing better than a clean baby in some cozy winter PJs!

Exploring Linden Hills and the Wild Rumpus Bookstore

I'm pretty sure Wild Rumpus is as cool as it comes when you're talking about children's bookstores. They have chickens walking around, several cats roaming the store, and a number of animals in cages (birds, chinchillas, etc.). The bookstore was super busy, but we will definitely be back to explore more!

Lunch date in the North Loop with my main squeeze... baby free meals = heaven!

Snowy sled rides around the neighborhood!

I took a fun cooking class with my mom at Cooks of Crocus Hill in the North Loop... it was such fun, and I look forward to doing another one sometime soon!

John has been putting Jack in the hiking backpack and taking him for walks around the neighborhood. Jack weighs a little over 27lbs, so he is a pretty good training buddy (read: weight!) for John!

Weekend breakfast dates with my sweet family of three!

John made a trip down to Tampa for the Michigan Bowl game with his dad.

Mall of America trips with Grandma and Grandpa! Jack rode his very first ride (the Big Rig) at Camp Snoopy, and while he didn't have too much of a reaction, I know that he had a great time. :)

Ice walks on frozen Lake Harriet. Jack is too funny on the ice because he some how knows it is different than normal ground and although he would have no problem walking without slipping, he isn't so sure how to navigate it... so he basically stands on the ice and just waits to be picked up!

Art Shanty Festival on Lake Harriet.

A quick trip to Arizona! And let me tell you, the warmer weather was such a nice change of Minnesota mid-January pace.

Hide and seek with the best hider there is!

For my 30th birthday John took me to a delicious dinner at Spoon and Stable. It is quite hard to get in, so we were so excited when they had a last minute 5PM reservation cancel! For your birthday they bring you a large, freshly spun spool of cotton candy... which was basically the sole reason I wanted to go there. ;)

Jack had quite a few sleepovers at my parent's house this past month, and they are always doing such fun things with him - they have fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast every morning and go on all sorts of fun adventures... let me tell you, Jack has no problem leaving John and me to go hang out with them! 

After one of the sleepovers we met them at the Minnesota Science Museum, and Jack basically said "wow!" the whole time we were there!

Saturday morning donut runs in Lyndale!

My parents live in downtown Minneapolis, and after one of Jack's sleepovers they took him downtown to explore all of the Super Bowl activities... I'm pretty sure he is the cutest bobble head I've ever seen! ;)

Jack is turning into such a ham, and I kind of love it... he knows when he is trying to be silly and he just thinks he is sooo funny!

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