Thursday, February 15, 2018

Baby #2: 36 Weeks Bumpdate

I can hardly believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant... where in the world has the time gone?!

I delivered Jack at 39 weeks and am hoping it will be a similar timeline with baby #2. And if it is, that means in less than 3 short weeks, we will be holding a new baby girl in our arms - so exciting (and terrifying... tons to do!) to think about.

How far along?
36 Weeks (and 2 days - but who's counting?)... the home stretch!

Size of baby?
About 6lbs! We had a growth ultrasound around 34 weeks, and the baby is measuring and growing wonderfully. She is in about the 52 percentile for size, but those measurements can vary so much, so who really knows how big she will be!

I will be very curious to see how much baby girl weighs when compared to Jack. Jack weighed 8lb 9oz at 39 weeks. I have read that babies born within 18 months of each other often have a lower birth weight for the second baby, so I will be curious to see if this is true for us.

The nursery is coming along wonderfully! Jack's first nursery was so much more of a project because we started with a very dark paint color that had decals all over it... it was a lot of work to get it to where we wanted it to be.

The nursery this time along is a smaller room and my parents painted it for us before we moved into our new home - so for the most part, the hard work of painting was over with! We will add wallpaper on one wall (hope to finish that this weekend!), but other than that it was mostly furnishing and decorating.

Looking forward to?
Having our sweet baby girl in our arms. This time around I feel so much more confident with baby care, nursing, knowing what to expect, etc. Maybe this is all false confidence (since every baby is different), but there is some comfort in knowing that we've done this before and survived... and even enjoyed the process enough to want another little baby!

Aye... this is the one thing that I am so looking forward to - with Jack I didn't really have trouble sleeping (other than the normal pregnancy insomnia that everyone seems to get every now and then). But this pregnancy, my hips have been getting sore from sleeping on my side. I am typically a back sleeper, and I CANNOT wait to be able to sleep on my back again!

Not a ton, honestly (other than the normal home-stretch kind of stuff... sleep, etc.). With Jack I had swelling near the end of the pregnancy, but thankfully this time around has not been bad at all. I was talking with John about this a few days ago, and it is hard to say whether or not the swelling is related to the different babies considering baby #1 was in the Texas summer (97 degrees!) and baby #2 is in the Minnesota winter (-7 degrees!)... that's a 100 degree swing, y'all - it clearly makes a difference!

I have also noticed that my immune system is quite suppressed... within the past month I have had a stomach virus not one, but TWO times. I'm really hoping to stay healthy for the rest of the season...

From 8-10PM I honestly feel like she is trying to bust out of my belly! Other than that two hour block, she still moves, but is much quieter.

Missing most?
Oh man, I would love a margarita... I'm not one to crave alcohol, but I am so looking forward to going out to eat and being able to have a drink or two with dinner.

I am also looking forward to getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothing. I know it will likely be a process, but I am so over maternity clothes and can't wait to have more than 4 sweaters and 2 pairs of pants to pick from...

Left to do?
I still need to finish the details of the nursery. I'm hoping that the majority of this will be done this weekend - but hey, let's be real, does the decorating ever really end?! I feel like I'm still decorating Jack's room when I think of something new.

I plan to pack a hospital bag soon - but really, after having Jack, there isn't a whole lot I will need to pack - toiletries, clean clothes for me and baby, my fan, camera, snacks... and that's about it this time around!

I also have a few loads of baby laundry to do, need to make care reservations for our dogs for when we are at the hospital, need to wipe down and wash all of Jack's old baby gear that we will be reusing (car seat, swing, bassinet, play mats, etc.)... but in reality, if none of this got done, we would still be in an okay position to bring home a baby.

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  1. You look SO great Mama! It's hard to believe it's almost time for little miss to be here!!! Here's hoping you finish everything up and can just relax and wait for her arrival!

  2. I'm so with you about missing margaritas! I didn't think I would really miss alcohol, but a margarita and tacos would be amazing right now. Can't believe you are so close to this little gal making her arrival!

  3. You look amazing! I can’t wait to see more of her nursery!

  4. So exciting - you're so close!!! I can't believe you got the stomach virus twice! That sounds awful!!

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