Thursday, February 8, 2018

January Happenings!

I'm having a hard time believing that we are just about half-way through February... where the heck did January go?! Despite it seeming crazy that we are already a month and a half in to 2018, we've actually accomplished quite a lot - exploring our city, preparing for the new baby, and enjoying all that winter has to offer! 

Here's a quick peek of all that we've been up to this past month.


Pre-bed bath time... Nothing better than a clean baby in some cozy winter PJs!

Exploring Linden Hills and the Wild Rumpus Bookstore

I'm pretty sure Wild Rumpus is as cool as it comes when you're talking about children's bookstores. They have chickens walking around, several cats roaming the store, and a number of animals in cages (birds, chinchillas, etc.). The bookstore was super busy, but we will definitely be back to explore more!

Lunch date in the North Loop with my main squeeze... baby free meals = heaven!

Snowy sled rides around the neighborhood!

I took a fun cooking class with my mom at Cooks of Crocus Hill in the North Loop... it was such fun, and I look forward to doing another one sometime soon!

John has been putting Jack in the hiking backpack and taking him for walks around the neighborhood. Jack weighs a little over 27lbs, so he is a pretty good training buddy (read: weight!) for John!

Weekend breakfast dates with my sweet family of three!

John made a trip down to Tampa for the Michigan Bowl game with his dad.

Mall of America trips with Grandma and Grandpa! Jack rode his very first ride (the Big Rig) at Camp Snoopy, and while he didn't have too much of a reaction, I know that he had a great time. :)

Ice walks on frozen Lake Harriet. Jack is too funny on the ice because he some how knows it is different than normal ground and although he would have no problem walking without slipping, he isn't so sure how to navigate it... so he basically stands on the ice and just waits to be picked up!

Art Shanty Festival on Lake Harriet.

A quick trip to Arizona! And let me tell you, the warmer weather was such a nice change of Minnesota mid-January pace.

Hide and seek with the best hider there is!

For my 30th birthday John took me to a delicious dinner at Spoon and Stable. It is quite hard to get in, so we were so excited when they had a last minute 5PM reservation cancel! For your birthday they bring you a large, freshly spun spool of cotton candy... which was basically the sole reason I wanted to go there. ;)

Jack had quite a few sleepovers at my parent's house this past month, and they are always doing such fun things with him - they have fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast every morning and go on all sorts of fun adventures... let me tell you, Jack has no problem leaving John and me to go hang out with them! 

After one of the sleepovers we met them at the Minnesota Science Museum, and Jack basically said "wow!" the whole time we were there!

Saturday morning donut runs in Lyndale!

My parents live in downtown Minneapolis, and after one of Jack's sleepovers they took him downtown to explore all of the Super Bowl activities... I'm pretty sure he is the cutest bobble head I've ever seen! ;)

Jack is turning into such a ham, and I kind of love it... he knows when he is trying to be silly and he just thinks he is sooo funny!


  1. So many fun things! Why can’t we live closer so we can hang with our babies?!

  2. Wow, you guys were BUSY in January!!!! I'm jealous of your sunshine in Arizona (though I recognize my winter is nothing compared to yours)... I keep thinking how lovely that sounds about this time of year!


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