Friday, February 9, 2018

Snow Days!

A few weeks ago we had our first heavy snow fall of the year... about a foot of snow in a single day! We couldn't let the fresh snow pass us by without a little bit of playing in it. For being as young as he is, Jack is quite a hardy kid and doesn't really mind the cold - which makes his dad so happy and proud! (...Now, that being said, the kid is way better out-fitted than I am... he has all sorts of winter gear to keep him warm - minus shoes - we can't find a good snow boot that he can easily walk in! Any suggestions?!).

John and I took Jack to the park in the sled and he enjoyed getting pulled around, swinging, and eating snowballs (not sure how he knew about eating snow, but as soon as John handed him a snowball, he treated it just like an apple and went in for a huge bite!). Thankfully it was freshly fallen snow and all white... yikes!

Jack had a little bit of trouble walking in the snow, so he resorted to crawling - I mean, hey, whatever works, right?! A foot of snow is a lot for a little kid to be walking through!

In addition to being pulled on a sled, John also took Jack to a big hill by our house for a little down-hill action. And let me tell you, it is all fun and games until someone gets a face full of snow! The first time they went down a small hill and once the sled stopped moving Jack yelled out in excitement "Yeah!" this point John thought they could graduate to the big kid hill... they got going pretty quick so John put his feet down off the sled to try and slow them down which then sprayed all sorts of snow into Jack's face - and let's just say that although he wasn't happy, he handled it way better than I would have! :) 

Here's a peek at our snow day adventures!


  1. These pictures are SO fun! What a cute snow bunny he is!

  2. Jack has the best facial expressions!!! I love how he's exploring the snow! One of my friends just posted a picture of her two-year-old refusing to move to go out in the snow. Apparently she had a face plant into the snow and now she lays on the floor every time they try and make her go out into it. LOL


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