Sunday, March 4, 2018

Emma's Nursery

When starting to think about Emma's nursery, I knew that I wanted to keep the overall aesthetic very similar to Jack's room: clean, bright, and neutral... but I also wanted it to have a dainty and girly touch to it with pops of soft pink/blush. Emma's room is quite a bit smaller than Jack's, so I knew I would only have room for the essentials: a glider (with a small table and lamp), crib, and dresser (with a changing topper on it). Other than these essentials we really didn't have room for anything else, which made decorating pretty easy!

Since moving from Texas to Minnesota (and purchasing a new home) coincided with being pregnant, my parents kindly offered to paint the bedrooms for John and me before moving in (which was super helpful!). For paint we stuck with my forever favorite: Benjamin Moore classic gray. The color is a very, very light gray and incredibly versatile.

Although the walls started off the color that I wanted, I just couldn't get past the idea of having a little bit of wallpaper included! After tons of Pinterest and hashtag searching, I decided on removable wallpaper from Wall Garnish Co.... they have the most amazing watercolor designs (how awesome are these dinosaurs and this cactus print?!). Y'all, this paper is so amazing - the installation was easy (although an extra set of hands is helpful - thanks Dad and Mom!) and it can be peeled off the wall when you want to change things up (but believe me, I won't be changing things up anytime soon).

For the crib I stuck with the same one that we got Jack... nothing fancy, but gets the job done!

We purchased it using Wikibuy, and if you haven't heard of Wikibuy you need to check it out ASAP! Wikibuy is a "shopping assistant" that compares prices on the same product between different sites (Amazon vs. Target vs. Walmart, etc.) in order to get the best deal. Also, it doesn't just compare the stated price, but also includes the shipping rates (which is important when you're purchasing/shipping large items like furniture!). The best part? It searches the internet for available coupon codes... Lord knows I love a coupon code - so here's to saving money for the win!

I was a bit conflicted about what to put above the crib... with Jack we never had a mobile, but I just could not resist this felt ball mobile from Little Bubba Designs. I was able to pick the colors of the mobile, and I could not love the way it turned out any more... blush, gray and white - you can't go wrong! The wooden half circles have a fun modern touch and such a clean vibe to them - and a bit Scandinavian, too - which works well with our new Minnesota location. And let's be real: does it get any cuter than these woodland creatures or these sheep?! I just don't think so...

We paired the mobile above the crib with the token Target mirror that absolutely everyone seems to be putting in their nursery... and I know why - it is such an awesome mirror. Easy to hang, a great size and perfect for increasing natural light (especially in a small room) - you can't beat it! We may need to rearrange the placement of the mirror a bit once Emma-girl is older and standing in her crib, but until then, it will stay as-is.

Similar to Jack's room, our good family friend, Marsha, sewed some beautiful sheets for Emma's crib. Finding sheets that I like proved to be nearly impossible with Jack, so I'm very thankful for this thoughtful gift! Not only that, but she made the most gorgeous blanket and pillow with sweet Emma's name on it. This makes my neutral-loving and monogramming heart so happy!

Speaking of monograms, I pretty much monogrammed everything I could (within reason, of course). I love monogramming for Jack, but there are only so many fonts/designs you can use without things coming off too feminine... so I have certainly had my share of fun embroidering Emma's clothes and blankets!

Since Emma's room is so small, there wasn't a ton of space on the walls to hang things, but I knew that I wanted some sort of Bible verse for the room. John and I went back and forth for awhile on which one we wanted, but we finally settled on Jeremiah 1:5.

I worked with A Beautiful Mess Decor to design a custom sign, and I could not be more happy with it. They have such beautiful signs - how amazing is this and this?! The piece that I chose is an oversized wood sign (48inx24in) that fits perfectly over the dresser and changing table. It is the first thing you see when coming into the nursery and really sets the tone for the whole room. I draped a garland that matches the mobile over the top of it to add a pop of color and love how it all turned out.

I absolutely love how Emma's nursery turned out. In fact, I have gone into her room several times just to sit and relax... and hopefully it will remain a calming space after her arrival! :) 



  1. OH. EM. GEE. I AM OBSESSEDDDDDD!!!!!! Gorgeous room, Lisa!! Love, love, love!!!!!!!! Quick question - did you do the window treatments?? I feel like we need something like that in the master bath... so if you have any details on that... I'm all ears!

  2. Seriously such a beautiful, classic nursery! Love the pop of wallpaper and everything looks so bright! And of course, I'm dying over all the adorable monogrammed things you made :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I looove love love her nursery! I was dying to do wallpaper in Vivi's room but could not find any that was reasonably priced!

  4. It's beautiful! I can't wait to start decorating my nursery.


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