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Emma: One Month Update

Our sweet Emma-girl is already a month old. I'm not sure how it is possible, but it is... she is so loved and is sweet as can be (but don't be fooled, the girl has an opinion and she isn't afraid to share it!).

Here's a quick overview of her first month of life!

Emma turned one month old on Saturday, April 7th.

At one month old, Emma weighed a little over 11 pounds and is 22 inches long. She is currently in the 92% for weight and 93% for length. The best part of all of her weight gain is that those sweet cheeks are filling out nicely (just like her brother!).

Emma is wearing size one diapers and will soon need to be moving to size two. I honestly cannot believe how quickly she has grown, and I already have a number of outfits that need to be taken out of her dresser because the are too small. HOW?!

Emma is a great little nurser and is exclusively breastfed. As with most mamas and babies, the first week or so was a bit rough. With Jack there were no issues and I never really had any pain nursing in the beginning, but with Emma I thought I might die for the first week... like, die. Thankfully we were able to get past it (thank God) and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

After Emma turned one month old we introduced a bottle and she did great. With Jack it took awhile to figure out which bottle he would take, but Emma took right away to the Comotomo bottles... she sucked down 3 ounces very quickly and seemed very happy with herself! With Jack I was making enough milk for two kids with all of the pumping that I did and it really bit me in the butt with mastitis on four different occasions, so this time around I don't plan on doing any pumping (unless needed for a night out, etc.).

Shortly after turning a month old, Emma started experiencing very painful silent reflux when eating and immediately after, but I will share more on that next month!

Sleep deprivation with a newborn is always so tough. The first two weeks were pretty rough (although quite typical) with feedings every 2-3 hours (which all mamas know really means only 30 minutes of sleep... if you can even fall asleep at all). However, within weeks 3-4 there were a few 4 hour stretches of sleep which made a huge difference.

Although still difficult, Emma is much farther ahead with sleep than Jack was at this time (which I find a lot of hope in because Jack slept through the night naturally on his own at 9-weeks without any sleep training). Emma is currently sleeping in her own room, and honestly, it really is the best thing for all of us. I can still hear her perfectly, but it allows me a little more space to ignore the newborn grunts and squawks.

Post-partum recovery this time around was so, so much easier than it was with Jack - night and day. With Jack I pushed for about 2 hours, but with Emma it was two minutes... literally, I started pushing at 5:08PM and Emma was born at 5:10PM. I attribute the length of time pushing to my much easier recovery this time around.

We felt so good (relatively speaking, of course) that we were discharged only 24 hours after Emma was born (per our request)... which is totally opposite of Jack where we were all like "please don't send us home yet!!", haha!

I officially put away my pregnancy clothes, and although I don't yet fit in all my normal clothes, I refuse to wear anything maternity... I'm so sick of ruched sides! I have been living in leggings and zip-ups lately... (but let's be real, that's pretty much all I wear whether I've just had a baby or not!).

John is so sweet with his Emmy-girl... when we were in the hospital he was very careful to make sure any shots/heel pricks she got were done by people who "knew what they were doing" - this is totally different than he was with Jack (with Jack he was basically like, "buck up, buddy, this is what you need to stay healthy!"). He is so gentle with Emma and it's obvious that Emma knows who her daddy is (she will follow him with her eyes when she hears his voice).

I recently showed John a nice outfit that I wanted to buy Jack and he was not overly interested in it; then I showed him something for Emma and he said "you get that little girl whatever she needs!" ...I have a feeling we will be in for some trouble later on in life with this daddy buying his little girl whatever she wants...

John had/has eight weeks of paternity leave, and I am so thankful that he has been able to stay home with Jack, Emma, and me... it has not only been super helpful (like, super duper helpful), but also a sweet time to be together as a family of four. He has been taking Jack on bike rides all over the city, putting him in the hiking pack for adventures, and all sorts of other adventures to REI, bike stores, etc.

For the past few weeks we all pile into the car every morning and drive to the Starbucks drive through to get coffee, and then go drive through a new area of the city - since we are new to Minneapolis it is fun to see new areas, but also fun to hang out in the car all together (since Emma is normally sleeping away in her car seat the whole time!).

Since John has been on paternity leave this whole time, I haven't had a true long-term, full-day taste of being home with both kiddos alone... we will see how it goes, but we are working on getting them both on a schedule so that we at least have one nap time that is overlapping. 

Jack is such a sweet boy and a bit oblivious to Emma. Since he is so young (16.5 months when we brought Emma home) he didn't really know too much about what was going on with the new creature that all of a sudden showed up at his house (i.e., a new squawking baby). I think he was maybe a little extra sensitive in the beginning and wanting more attention from us (but John thinks, and he may be correct, that I am just projecting my emotions and worry for Jack on to him and that he was actually adjusting totally fine/normal). Either way, I think the fact that John had/has paternity leave and my parents spending lots of time together with him has been super helpful to Jack's transition.

When I was pregnant with Emma we didn't ever really talk about having a new baby with Jack, yet somehow Jack knew Emma was a baby and would say "bayyy-beeee" any time he saw her - which was super stinkin' cute! He would also say "gen-talllll" when touching her. We have made good progress with gentle touches... In the beginning I wondered if Jack was trying to be rough with her, but now the hits have turned more into pats and hand shakes.

Jack also say "EmmaEmmaEmma" (because he hears John and I say that), and it is just about as cute as can be! Jack also will offer Emma "drinks" of his sippy cup or "bites" of his crackers... such a generous big brother! :)

Emma is a sweet girl, but she is not afraid to tell you when she dislikes something... she has an opinion and won't hesitate to express it! If there is one thing that this girl hates, it is a bath - which is a little concerning to me because I plan on having many mommy-daughter spa dates in the future! ;) She screams b-l-o-o-d-y murder throughout the whole bath... it's terrible and you would think she was in pain. In fact, she gets so mad that I wonder whether or not she actually is in pain! Thankfully, she has come around to diaper and clothes changes (which also started off similar to baths).

She loves to be held, cuddled, and sleep on your chest for as long as you'd let her! This makes me so happy because Jack was never a really cuddly baby, so I'm soaking it all up.

Favorite Moments
One of my favorite moments from Emma's first month of life was getting to introduce her to our family and friends. She got to meet my grandparents (her great-grandparents) which was very special... showing off our sweet girl will never get old, but it was extra special since she was still so little and young. She is the prettiest little girl, and we are so proud of her.

I've also enjoyed all of the little moments of getting to hold my girl when she was itty-bitty and all of the cuddles and snuggles. John and I both are better able to enjoy the infant/baby stage this time around... we are more confident with general baby care and know that things get easier as time goes on.

Looking Forward To
I am looking forward to getting to know our sweet Emmy-Lou even better. She is growing and changing so quickly. I truly feel like time is flying (much faster than it did with Jack!). I am also looking forward to soaking up the last few weeks as a family of four before John has to go back to work!

And of course, I can't wait until our Emmy-Lou starts to smile, giggle, and interact a bit more with us. And oh yes, a little thing called SLEEP! :)

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  1. I am so glad things are going so well with sweet little Emma :) She is so adorable!

  2. She is adorable! I love the large Bible verse wall art! We used the same verse for our newest addition (just turned 2 months Saturday).


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